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Zion the Magnificent 

Zion the Magnificent and the Frightful  School Day
Don’t be afraid! Zion the Magnificent is here to save the day! 

Zion the Magnificent and the Frightful  School Day


Adam and Abigail, twins with bright red hair, are about to start kindergarten. Abigail can’t wait to meet new friends, but Adam is nervous about the big change. When Abigail wakes up on the first day, she soon finds Adam has disappeared, his wish to hide from school coming true in a most unexpected way.


Adam finds himself in Peach Tree Falls, a magical realm of fairy wizards. There, he meets Zion the Magnificent, a tiny fairy wizard who shows him that school doesn’t have to be scary—it can be a place of magic, fun, and new friends.


Will Adam find the courage to return home and face his first day of kindergarten? Join Adam on his whimsical journey through Peach Tree Falls, where he learns that a little bravery can turn the unknown into an adventure.

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