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Zion the Magnificent 
and the Frightful School Day

August 6, 2024
Zion childrens book


The Magic of



Author Imeisha Williams
About the Author

Imeisha Williams is the up-and-coming author of

Zion the Magnificent, a children’s book series. Born and raised in Houston, TX, Imeisha’s childhood was filled with family trips to the beach and countless imaginary adventures right in her own backyard. She received her Associate's Degree in Business Administration, but she discovered she had a niche for writing not long after that. Like some Zion the Magnificent series characters, Imeisha has also dealt with fear and anxiety. She hopes to help children worldwide overcome their most challenging worries. When she’s not dreaming up the next best magical tale, Imeisha hangs with family or snuggles on the couch watching her favorite cartoons.

Book Reviews

"Adam is every single one of us parents on a Monday morning. Adam and I got on really well from page one and, I'm not going to lie, I was hoping that all of Adam's little introvert dreams came true. Then I looked at my daughter and remembered that Zion the Magnificent and the Frightful First Day of School was intended for her and, to a certain extent, it was about her. There are two areas where Adam and my young reader connected that I think many parents will appreciate. The first is that Adam and Abigail are children of color, and with a child of color myself it is extremely important that I find books where the children in them represent her. The artwork by Nareh Grigoryan is absolutely gorgeous and to an illustrative quality that is comparable to some of kid-lits' most acclaimed artists. The second is that author Imeisha Williams neither shies away from nor minimizes Adam's very real social anxiety. Do you know how happy I am that nobody told Adam that he just had to crack on and go? Adam was given agency. He was shown what it was like to be at school and he made the choice to go...and was happy. THANK YOU to Imeisha Williams for letting Adam work through his anxiety instead of being tossed into the pool. I have nothing but love for this little book and would give it a whole bucket of stars if I could."

Reviewed by Jamie Michele for Readers' Favorite

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